A girl named WHAT?!

Natalie is nervous about going back to school tomorrow. I am not surprised. She gets nervous about almost anything/everything.

This year has a class schedule with almost entirely new teachers. Not comfortable for her!

I will be interested to see how they teach U.S. History to the IQ-under-60 crowd. What will the take-aways be, I wonder. Hopefully not just “war, war, war, assassinations.”

Girl drama is unavoidable in high school, unfortunately. Two girls she THOUGHT would be her friends last year after coming up from junior high were only occasionally friendly and otherwise excluded her. I had hoped that not having as much intelligence would translate to not having as much meanness. *sigh*

More anxiety for my dear girl.

On a good note, she made a new friend at summer school. A few questions gave me this info: “Her name starts with an ‘N’ like mine! I think it is Nausea.”

And I thought MY kid had problems.

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