Technology, me and my mother

My kids like technology. My kids understand technology. As far as I can tell.

I like technology.  Plug it in, or charge the battery and go. Sync with bluetooth in my car, upload photos to wherever. I get that.  Fun stuff!

My sons have long had conversations about things I can only nod and smile about: (one of them graduated from nuclear engineering school in the Navy, so….) Thus far as I “tag along” in their conversations, I haven’t heard the words “flex capacitor”  So I feel lost.  Shoot.  I just looked that up in Urban Dictionary and it is FLUX capacitor.  Now I  REALLY feel tech-challenged.

A box arrived at my house yesterday from a company called Digi-Key.  Not for me. For one of my kids.  I went to the article library at their website (because rather than open the package and be guilty of snooping and other federal crimes, I can just be curious about what MIGHT be in this box) and here is the title of one article:

“New 650V Field-Stop IGBT Enables Higher Efficiency and Reliability for Induction Heating”.  I put the links in so you know I am NOT making this up! If you understand what they are talking about, please don’t tell me.

Their diagrams make no sense to me. At all.  Something about FS Trench? Maybe THEY are making this up?

I found an article that looked reasonable, something I might understand:  “Wearable Technology at Work, for Health and Safety”.  That sounds good!  What – a Moto 360 or iWatch that ummm…. monitors exposure to radiation? I have no idea.  Here’s a little excerpt: “An ecompass module, such as the STMicroelectronics LSM303DTR or Freescale FXOS8700CQ, combines a 3-axis digital linear acceleration sensor and a 3-axis digital magnetic sensor, and is able to provide an accurate compass heading by detecting the direction and magnitude of external magnetic fields and using accelerometer measurements for tilt compensation.”

*sarcasm font*: Great! Exactly what I was looking for! I should buy that.

So the obvious truth here is that had I actually opened the box, I would not have known anymore than I do now. I watch for red danger signs and yellow caution tape and leave the rest to the experts.

My 85 year old mother still thinks I’m smart.  I taught her what the red button means when making a call from her iPhone. I feel good about myself.



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