OCD and The Library of Congressesses

My daughter is a compulsive ripper. I am not kidding. When the recycling center gets backed up, they call her to help with paper processing.

At school last year the teacher called her Nat The Ripper. Seemed cute at first, but after some thought I wasn’t a huge fan. That other “the ripper” wasn’t a very great guy.

My mother is ever the one to put a good spin on things. So after finding Nat in process with a magazine already deemed destructible:


Grammy said, “You are so meticulous while you rip those magazines to shreds! You should get a job in the Library of Congress!” (My cousin worked there all her career and loved it! Not as boring as it sounds apparently. *wink*)


Nat looked up and with precision and emphasis purred, “I am NOT going to work in the library of congressesses. I am going to work in a hospital helping babies and foals!”

We are currently searching for a facility that serves both… none found thus far. Let me know if you find one? Continental US, preferably. Wait, Hawaii would be acceptable as well!!

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