Back in Wisconsin!


What a bright day! Hidden behind the trees is the Appleton Yacht Club. To the right you can see the Fox River. Directly behind me as I take this photo is the section of the river on which my uncle taught my mother to swim about 75 years ago:


Imagine that! The river clips along at a good pace… it is more than twice as wide as this photo shows. That land across the water is a small island. My mother would get in the river and my uncle would begin yelling “hurry, hurry, hurry!” so that she would get to shore before being swept too far downstream! Not exactly how I learned to swim!

We’ve had a great visit, as usual, hearing stories of the “good old” days. For instance, on weekends beginning at age 11, my mother and her siblings would get up at 3:00 A.M. to work at their father’s bakery and WASH DISHES! On school days, they reported for duty, (UNPAID mind you), after school until closing. My mother had an additional job making popcorn at a local movie theater in her teenage years. That was a PAYING job and how she bought all her clothes.

Different times, that’s for sure! My mother’s family:

The swimming teacher on the left, my mother second from the left. My mother today, happily talking to one of her grandkids:


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