WWE and my daughter

My daughter comes home from her day as a student in a special needs high school program and exclaims, “Devon likes Rey Mysterio much more than any other WWE superstar! If you go near him he will talk about WWE. Even if I stay away from him I still hear about it. ‘THIS WWE, THAT WWE’ It is like ‘Hello? Duh!’ It doesn’t make any sense.”


We don’t watch WWE at our house and I’m surprised she is talking about it, so I ask, “do you know what WWE is?”


I offer, “It is men with big muscles who wrestle with each other. Have you ever seen that?”

“Well, I’ve seen moi!”


(Yep those are some huge muscles!)

“Do you know what ‘moi’ means?”


Should I go on explaining to her? … or just let this conversation continue and enjoy hearing about about her life? I choose the latter.

She is happy, we are talking, I LOVE it! And she doesn’t mind when I laugh all the way through the conversation. XD

WIN-WIN just like in WWE! Watch for “Natalie Mysterio” on the next WWE broadcast!


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