The Weekend

At “Book of Life” with friends:





The usual:


Happy times! When she heard this wad the last horseback riding lesson for a while (too cold in winter) her response surprised me:

“It is time for me to move on.” Using her invisible phone she called the riding instructor, “Andi, I am moving on. I will not be coming anymore because we don’t have enough money. I will be moving on to a new family and then I will also move on to a new stable.”

I know it makes her sound like a brat. She just has no idea how to cope with disappointment, so she makes “decisions” that keep her from worrying about the unknown. It helps her relax. Tomorrow? Tomorrow she will be asking when we can come back out to the stable for a ride! And she will be willing to put on ALL her winter clothes to do it!

I’m going out to take a nap in the car until her lesson is over.


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