“Am I ever ….?”

Funny how just today I was thinking how exhausting my 16 year old extra-needs daughter’s life can be. And then she shows an openness that more adults with much higher intelligence levels would be wise to pursue.

It is exhausting. There is no doubt about that. Doctor appointments alone are a smidge overwhelming and we don’t even have that many, probably one – two per month usually! But coordinating with the school (oops, they dropped the ball today and had her on a field trip when I went to pick her up) and my work (um yes, boss, I need to be gone again) and keeping track of medication dosages, refills…. whether the meds are working how well and when, pffffftttt. That’s a small part of the whole picture.

And yet.

How many people, especially 16 year old girls, would react like this:

One of Nat’s favorite tv programs is “The Saddle Club”, an Australian delight combining teens/tweens and horses. What could go wrong? One girl, Veronica, is consistently critical, condescending, petty and mean. Doesn’t she look delightful?


After watching an episode today, Natalie contemplated the story line and declared, “Veronica is really mean.” And then the part that made me feel proud plus warm and fuzzy inside:

“Mom, am I ever mean like Veronica?”

She really wanted to know. Because she doesn’t want to be mean.

Nat will never actually graduate from high school. She can only read about 165 words. She will not be able to live independently. But she has something of greater value (in my opinion) than either of those: genuine concern about what kind of person she is, what character she possesses.

Yep. I’m proud of my daughter. She is worth celebrating!

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