Not a scooter, but maybe Ponyish?

She wants a scooter. Desperately.

I said no. “But Moooom!”

I took her to the toy store where the manager explained they didn’t have any scooters tall enough for her.
“But Moooooom!”

We looked for adult-sized scooters, even though it wouldn’t really work…
“I know! Dad could make me a scooter.”
Dad doesn’t really like making things and making a scooter requires machines we don’t have…
“Brett could turn his motorcycle into a scooter for me!”

The u n r e l e n t i n g determination is

She doesn’t have the balance or strength for a scooter.
As we discuss the reality (which she cannot accept) of this, the reason for her acute desire surfaces: she wants to be able to get herself to school.

She has given up on the scooter… for now. But she is dreaming up a different solution: “Dad, I need you to build something for me. Something to get me to school. On time! My bus is ALWAYS late. And it has to be fast but not too fast because I don’t want the cops to pull me over. Not my bike because it is too cold out.”

Never mind that she would have to cross this:


And this:


And this:


By herself??????


Basically she is saying:
A. She wants a horse
B. She wants a scooter since we will not get a horse
C. She wants a ponyish vehicle
D. She wants to be independent

And yet she is so very dependent. How do I meet this need she has? I really don’t know.

Meanwhile she is a bundle of energy, love, passion and persistence. You think I can help her harness that energy and passion and apply it to cleaning the house for me…?

Me either.


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