Under the Influence at the Dentist


Hence Valium plus laughing gas.


My daughter's comments at the dentist…

To the dentist’s staff on 12/16/2014, “I’m not coming back here for the rest of the year!”
One breath later, (to the dentist) “I think I want a new dentist.”
The dentist chuckled.
Natalie bargained, “nothing sharp or pokey!”
With the mirror and toothbrush in her mouth, a quiet and prolonged, “heeeeeeelp!” And she meant it!

As the “magic air” mask  accidentally bumped her forehead, she narrated, “WHACK!”

We drove home and pulled into the garage.
“I’m not getting out of this car.”
I wait a few minutes wondering if I have time to catch a nap.
“I’m not getting out of this car until today!”
Followed by opening the car door and going into the house. (No nap.)

The brother asks, “was it torturous?”
She replied with a sideways glance and a very heavy sigh.

Good thing she isn’t going back to the dentist this year.


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