My daughter’s wooden snowman

My daughter is taking an Applied Technology – Woods class this year. Her teacher said, “be sure to have your parents pick up your projects before Christmas break!” (I feel relatively certain he said CHRISTMAS, not Winter since he was wearing a Santa hat when I arrived!) She tells me this as she runs out to the bus on the last day of school before break. Of course. Why would a mother need advanced notice for anything? Kids.

She made a snowman and two candy canes for yard decor plus an end table! So cool! I thanked her teacher Mr. W, telling him I am so excited she is able to take this class and have these experiences!


I just LOVE these! I am so happy she gets to use the saw (with help), paint, glue, etc. What a great experience.

She doesn’t like being “grilled” about anything, so I choose my questions carefully:

Q: Were those fun to make?
A: Yes!

Q: Do you like them?
A: Yes! I love them!

Q: Was it hard work?
A: No. Miss Miller (her aide) did all of it.

I’m STILL shaking my head. And I STILL LOVE THEM!


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