Mastelana…. Our New Car

We have bought two cars in the last twelve months.

Yeah. So there’s that.

I would like to meet the people who invent the names of car models. Or would I? We have now bought four consecutive Toyotas. That’s what you call brand loyalty, or serial  monogamy. I detect a pattern here…

So far in the Toyota family we have owned a Previa, a Camry, a Corolla and a Solara. I would have preferred their names to be Puma, Cheetah, Cougar and Snow Leopard. At least those names MEAN something.

A snow leopard might be able to handle today’s weather:


We have blizzard warnings today and tomorrow. So much for going to a Superbowl party!

Where was I?

Oh yeah. Car names.  There have been better names: Mustang! Falcon, the Bipper (it doesn’t make sense, but it sounds fun or funny,) Boxer, Polo, Golf, Avenger, Challenger, Viper, Journey. These names make sense somehow. Then you have the GT-R. Awesome car but the name? Not helpful.

Natalie always brings the ridiculous to light, without even trying. SHE knows these names make no sense:

Natalie asked which car we were taking to the store: “…the Crayola or the Maserati? Wait, I didn’t say that right, I mean the Mastelana, like pizza.”
I asked, “you mean the Solara?”
She clarified, “Oh yeah, that’s it! So, the Crayola or the Mastelana Solara?

No idea what a Mastelana is or what is has to do with pizza, but I think we will call the “Corolla” the “Crayola” from now on! It creates a visual image. Might need a paint job to match! Hmmm….


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