Muscles and the new microwave

We went to the mall tonight. We stopped at Nat’s favorite store but didn’t buy anything. Instead we left the mall and bought a new microwave!


The guy at the store put it in my trunk. Love that! He made it LOOK light as a feather. That gave Nat an idea.

On the way home:
Nat: I’ll carry it into the kitchen, Mom. I’ve been working out and I stay hydrated.
Me: well that’s a thought. How about if I get it out of the trunk and then you can check how heavy it is before you try to carry it in?
Nat: OKAY!

Me: Wait… You stay hydrated? Do you know what hydrated means?
Nat: No.

**** brief explanation ****

Nat: If I carry the microwave in, then you have to buy me something at Build-a-Bear, deal?
Me: Hmmm. So, if it is heavier than you think and you CANNOT carry it in, I do NOT have to buy you something at B-B?
Nat (audible sounds of gears turning): Well, no…. you still have to buy me something. I know! DJ and I can carry it in together. She works out and stays hydrated too!
Me: you remember what hydrated means?
Nat: No. But I still want something from Build-a-Bear.

The girl’s always got an angle! Love that, too.


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