What a day!

We got up slowly today, being a day OFF SCHOOL!!! (not for Seth though – the price of being a big kid is less days off!) We chilled in the car, as you can see, on the way to the City.


Chillin in her shades


Then we got to visit our favorite female,  non-military college student at her dorm, AND have lunch with her at The Pita Pit (yum yum!)


Natalie and Amanda


Then we went to Children’s Memorial and got the “all clear” on a problem we were concerned about!  You can see below EXACTLY how she felt about being released by the surgeon.  Normally I am repeatedly reminding Nat to “catch up” with us as she meanders along very slowly. As we walk slowly, she walks slower.  It is a nice thing to have such a relaxed (well sometimes) person in our family!  But after the surgeon said we could leave, all I saw was this:




Then we took some photos from the rooftop of the parking garage – she said, “This way we can remember this fabulous day together forever!” She loved seeing Amanda, and she REALLY loved not having to stay at the hospital!


To the East is Lake Michigan










Chicago Skyline



Whole Foods

And then our final destination – her pit stop of choice after a busy day: Whole Foods for a slice of cheese pizza at the counter!







Then almost 2 hours in traffic and we’re home. Exhausted.  Good night!