To the zoo

Oh the annual trip to the zoo! Nat took her dear friend David:


He single handedly kept the conversation rolling for the entire outing!

David discussed the various cars we saw for the one hour trip to the zoo, asking why motorcycles don’t have seatbelts and what cars I like the most.


Baby Rhino


Daddy Rhino

Numerous birds


Love the underwater creatures…


Various pacing big cats who made my photos blurry….


Then Nat’s favorites, zebras!


All had been going well but then….
She started dragging her feet and didn’t answer questions. Not even whether she was tired or not! I hugged her and then her knees buckled.


After that it was the golf cart ride, ice packs in her armpits and on her neck, checking blood pressure, pulse, etc and a restful trip home in a/c. I guess 8,800 steps was just too many in the heat. Despite all the water.

I knew she was feeling better when we were 2/3 of the way home and she rolled her eyes (not in the scary way ;)) and said, “Mom! He is STILL TALKING!”

Hahaha! And they say women talk a lot!
It was a good day and we were both in better shape after a little nap! Next time we’ll borrow a wheelchair for her stuffed dog, and she can use it part of the time when her dog needs company!


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