SOOOO Soft….

Tucking Natalie into bed last night – she loves to wrap her arms around me and have me wrap my arms around her – she is rubbing the skin on my upper arms when I hear, “Why is this SOOOO soft, Mom?”

I am puzzled, admittedly, because I have begun to think there is nothing soft on my body anymore (except the lumpy areas which I wish were NOT soft – and lumpy) but still HOPING my skin is soft I ask, “…my SKIN?”

Ever the voice of truth, Natalie shatters my illusions, with a firm, “NOOOOOO! Just this one spot here.”

Yeah, one little spot – a hive from something. Oh goody.  So I can at least be soft if I have hives?

Good thing I love that girl so much!


4 thoughts on “SOOOO Soft….

  1. That is awsome!!! Wait till she notices how “squishy” your elbow skin is. I see you reaching for it…… Lol lol straighten your arm out and THEN feel how squishy it is…. Kinda feels like a dead water balloon lol lol

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